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Class rooms are spacious and equipped with modern furniture. Every class room is fitted with power point projectors and enabled with modern audio visual presentation facility. Class rooms are also designed to facilitate the conduct of student's seminar and group discussions.

Design and drawing classes are conducted in studies. The studio is spacious, brightly lit to suit not only designing and drawing but also to facilitate the review of students work and group discussions.Studios are equipped with latest drawing tables stools and display panels, Pinup boards fitted to the side walls.

Computing Facility At The College Will Be Used By Faculty, Staff And Students For Instructions, Research And Administrative Activities And Also To Communicate With Each Other. College Instructional Computing Laboratories Will Have Two Main Areas Of Responsibility:
 Computer Labs And
 Developing Digital Course Materials For The Faculty.

Climatic information of the place is an important parameter applied in the design of buildings. Hence climatology form an important part of the curriculum of the B.Arch. programme. In order to teach climatology effectively an climatology lab with modern instruments has been established .In this lab there are instruments to measure temperature, humidity, wind speed , and lighting etc.

A variety of building materials are used in the construction of buildings. New building materials are introduced to the market almost daily. In order to update the students, knowledge on buildings materials, and their application in construction, samples of building material, along with literature are collected at displayed in the material museum. Material samples are being added periodically.

A model making workshop of will be available for the students to prepare models of their design works.

An art studio with all the necessary facilities will be well established in the department of Architecture. With the guidance of faculty members, the students create murals, sculptures and paintings in and around the department which helps to showcase and further art in the built environment.

JKKM School of Architecture maintains a large and comprehensive material collection in its campus, where the students can explore, be inspired and gain in-depth knowledge of material characteristics and construction techniques. The collection strives to the reflective of current building and design market and has particular.

"The successful 21 century library will be one that provides space for innovation and imagination while also providing access to dynamic resources & services" - Stephanie White. The college library will further its mission by selecting, developing, deploying and managing resources and services that foster learning, discovery and innovation.

A construction yard of 150 square meters will be available in the department where hands on workshops on building construction techniques will be conducted. Such a yard gives ample opportunity for the students to experiment with various building materials and building construction technology.

A large multipurpose hall of 175 Square Meters is used for display of students work from time to time. This hall is also used for 'critique of architectural design' during the course of the semester.

performance space is being developed between the hostels . The performance space is treated as a multipurpose space where sports activities take place in the day time and cultural activities take place after sun set. The steps are being used by students, as casual reclosing and interacting area when there are no activities going on in the performance space.

Students participate in weekly indoor and outdoor sport activities like basket ball, Badminton, foot ball , table tennis, chess and cards. A dumb charades activity was organized on 12th November, 2013 and enhanced the non-verbal communication skills of the students. Its theme was based on latest movies and buildings having architectural and heritage importance.

An air-conditioned seminar hall of 100 Square Meters will be constructed to conduct important functions and also for presentation of guest lectures by practicing architects and other professionals.

Boys Hostel : The students are advised to be in boarding house for enhancing team work.
Girls Hostel : The students are advised to be in boarding house for enhancing team work.

Daily trips of college buses are available from specific boarding point covering the nearby the district.

  Medical Facility
Full time medical assistance will be provided for the students who are sick.

Even if Power Fails, We have a25kv jenerator for unintersupted power supply.

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